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Frequently Asked Questions

What Can Be Done To Treat A Hearing Loss?

Sometimes the problem may just be ear wax build-up and the patient doesn’t know it. If you suspect a hearing loss, you should have your ears cleaned and examined. If a hearing loss is determined, your licensed hearing aid dispenser can discuss several options to meet your listening needs and lifestyle.

How Can I Be Sure Hearing Aids Will Help?

Hearing Aid Services Of Mississippi offers a 30 day money back guarantee. If you don’t experience an amazing difference in your hearing and understanding, simply bring your devices back within 45 days for a complete and immediate refund! No questions asked.

Take This Quick Test To See If You May Have Some Learing Loss:

  • Do I Hear Sound But Have Trouble Understanding Words?
  • Is It Difficult To Hear & Understand Others In Public Places With Background Noise?
  • Do Family Members or Friends Get Annoyed By My Hearing Difficulties?
  • Do I Have Trouble Hearing The Television or Over The Telephone?
  • Do You Find Yourself Avoiding Social Situations?
  • Do You Become Frustrated Or Angry During Social Gatherings?

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